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                Latest Epidemic Update of Hebei(Feb. 8th, 2020)
                发布时间:2020-02-09   文章来源:河北省卫生健康委︾员会网站 浏览次数:

                Latest Update by the Health Commission of Hebei Province on Feb. 9th, 2020:

                Between 0:00 and 24:00, Feb 8th, 11 new cases of pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus were confirmed in Hebei Province. Of the newly confirmed cases, 4 are in Tangshan, 3 in Baoding, 2 in Langfang, 1 in Handan, and 1 in Hengshui. 5 cured and discharged cases were reported on the same day, 3 in Xingtai and 2 in Cangzhou. 1 new fatal case in Xingtai was reported. 26 new suspected cases were reported on the same day, of which 11 in Qinhuangdao, 4 in Baoding, 3 in Tangshan, 2 in Cangzhou, 2 in Xingtai, 2 in Handan, 1 in Shijiazhuang, and 1 in Xinji.

                As of 24:00 of Feb. 8th, 2020, 206 cases have been confirmed in Hebei Province accumulatively, including 2 fatal cases, 17 severe cases, and 30 cured and discharged cases. Of the confirmed cases, 28 are in Cangzhou, 27 in Handan, 27 in Tangshan, 24 in Shijiazhuang, 22 in Langfang, 21 in Xingtai, 21 in Baoding, 14 in Zhangjiakou, 8 in Hengshui, 7 in Chengde, and 7 in Qinhuangdao; 2 fatal cases were in Cangzhou and Xingtai; of the severe cases, 4 are in Cangzhou, 4 in Zhangjiakou, 2 in Shijiazhuang, 2 in Tangshan, 1 in Xingtai, 1 in Baoding, 1 in Handan, 1 in Hengshui, and 1 in Qinhuangdao; of the cured and discharged cases, 8 are in Baoding, 6 in Cangzhou, 4 in Langfang, 4 in Xingtai, 3 in Shijiazhuang, 2 in Tangshan, 2 in Handan, and 1 in Zhangjiakou. There are currently 76 suspected cases in total.

                At present, of the traced 7,326 close contacts, 448 have been released on Feb. 8th and 3,568 are still under isolation and medical observation.